We bring the best ideas and products from the most innovative and energetic companies together with sustainability orientated investors and specialist vegan sector growth service providers, all wrapped in a supportive community.

Together we can achieve a safer, cleaner, healthier and better protected planet through responsible impact orientated investment leading to a more sustainable society with strong economic outcomes.

Most of us are increasingly aware of the effect we are having on our fragile environment. We strongly believe that impactful sustainability orientated companies will grow and prosper as they nourish and protect the environment.

John Creaton - CEO

John has over 26 years experience in the financial services sector. He spent 21 years in Goldman Sachs including as Managing Director responsible for global Fin Tech platform development and support of private investment into external platforms, companies and markets. He has extensive overseas expertise developing business in the UK, US, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, Ireland, Middle East and India. He holds a number of investments in Ireland, UK, US and Italy. John, his wife and daughters have all been vegan for a number of years with a long history of vegetarianism since the early 1990s.

Gilbert Carey - CTO

Gilbert has over 25 years experience in technology delivering business growth across Asia, the US, and Europe. He spent much of that time in top tier banks including both Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. He was responsible for managing international teams, developing and supporting advanced real time trading and data distribution platforms. Previously he worked with Silicon Valley based technology provider, Tibco. Gilbert has experience in building out technology incubation centres to evaluate emerging technologies. Additionally he has also expertise in data science techniques, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Gordan Fitzjohn - Adviser

Gordon is a veteran advisor with an early career in banking. He retired after 25 years at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell as MD of corporate trust group and latterly founded Grapevine Capital, an active investor in growth businesses, including hospitality and leisure sectors with a focus on brand development. Gordon has a strong interest in developing vegan markets across all vegan sub sectors.

James Barraclough - Advisor

James is an active leader in the internat ionalfinancial services sector for 20 years, including 10 years at BDO leading the financial services M&A team, Ford Campbell, PwC and now as Partner in Clearwater International. Over the last 18 years, he has completed well over 100 transactions including a number of standout UK and cross border deals working with investors in the UK, US, France, Luxembourg, Germany and China.

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